OslerBrook Rules & Regulations

The Management put forth these Rules and Regulations, in the spirit of Co-operation and good fellowship, knowing these Rules and Regulations, which explain proper behaviour of all members and guests, will add to the quiet enjoyment of the game of golf.
Regular and Social Members are responsible and requested to notify the clubhouse office of any changes of address, e-mail, telephone number(s) or credit card number and current expiry dates.
Vehicles may come to the front entrance of the Pro-Shop to unload passengers and clubs at the welcome centre and must proceed to the designated parking area(s).
For the safety of all, the speed limit is restricted to 20km/h.
Complaints or suggestions regarding Members, Employees or Club Operations must be made in writing to management.
The club will not under any circumstances be responsible for the property of any person, whether damaged, lost or stolen.
Not withstanding anything set forth in any of the Rules & Regulations, management may, at its discretion, waive or vary any of the said Rules and Regulations when deemed necessary.
Interpretation of these Rules and Regulations by Management, or by an official employee to whom such authority is delegated by Management is conclusive.
May be stored at the clubs new Power Caddy Centre for an annual fee, which includes the ongoing cost of electrical charging stations and Pro Shop Valet Service. The Pro-Shop staff is not responsible for the mechanical maintenance and repairs of the members Power Caddies. Makes and Models must first be approved by the Head Professional so as to fit into our storage and charging hook ups.


Except as modified by local rules, all play is governed by the current regulations approved by Golf Canada. For local rules, please consult the bulletin board in the Pro-Shop. Members are expected to become familiar with the local rules as well as the regular rules as stated in the Rule of Golf.
The Professional Staff is empowered to enforce the Club’s rules and regulations. Members and guests are expected to respect this authority.
The Professional Staff has the authority to control starting in any manner that will expedite orderly and enjoyable golf. Always report to the Pro-Shop and sign in before teeing off.
Golfers are requested to play four-ball golf games on weekends and during other busy golfing periods. The Professional Staff has the authority to group players into four-ball games at any time.
All games shall start at the first tee unless specific permission is, or directions to the contrary are obtained from the Professional Staff.
Members may play any time with the exception of prescribed hours for certain designated membership categories or any club tournaments approved by management.
Members shall not use the golf course or the practice facilities if the Professional Staff declare these facilities unfit for play.
“A” Members are allowed to play at anytime.
“B+” Members are allowed to play Monday to Friday at anytime. Saturday, Sunday and Holidays after 12:30.
“B” Members are allowed to play Monday to Friday at anytime, excluding holidays.
Junior Members are allowed to play and practice anytime Monday to Friday, restrictions apply on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays or with parents as approved by the Professional Staff.
Junior Members must be accompanied by a parent on the course until the Junior Member has passed a required test for playing ability, knowledge of their game of golf etiquette and course care, conducted by the Professional Staff. Parents will be responsible for the dress requirements and conduct of the Junior Member.
Intermediate Members are allowed to play anytime Monday to Friday, restrictions apply on Saturday, Sundays and Holidays.
In order to assure turf conditions, it is paramount that everyone respects the markers, ropes, blocks or mats indicating the designated practice areas in use. By staying within the confines of the markers, or mats, superior turf conditions will be maintained for the enjoyment of all golfers.
The RCGA Handicap System is designed to make the course more enjoyable by enabling golfers of different abilities to compete on an equitable basis. Since club matches and friendly games are based on course handicaps, in fairness to both you and your opponents it is imperative that members retain an up to date Handicap Factor. Members are required to enter all eligible scores in the club handicap computer or over the Internet. Information on how to enter scores and what scores are eligible are available in both locker rooms, the Professional Staff and available extensively on line at golfcanada.ca.
The maximum time required to play 18 holes of golf at our club should be no more than 4 hours and 15 minutes for a foursome.
Players should make every effort to keep up to the group in front of them or allow faster players to play through. Players should at all times play without delay. To help overcome slow play, Members are asked to consider the following points:
Four-ball games are recommended during periods of heavy play. The Professional Staff is authorized to group players into four-ball games as need be.
Prepare for your shots as you approach your ball on or off the tee and hit when ready, whether or not you have the honour. The honour system can be an obstacle to fast efficient play.
Practice continuous putting. When you are out of play on a particular hole, pick up your ball and proceed forthwith to the next tee.
Always be considerate of fellow golfers.
The problem of slow play will be monitored throughout the season and the Professional Staff will take action, as necessary.
Players failing to maintain the pace of play, by looking for lost balls or by dropping back by more than a clear hole from those in front, must wave the following group through. A single player has no right to play through, without an invitation to do so from the players ahead.
When the result of the hole has been determined, players should immediately leave the putting green and proceed forthwith to the next hole. The scores should only be recorded on reaching the next tee.
Players are reminded to take great care to repair ball marks on the greens, rake the bunkers and replace divots. Power Carts must not be driven closer than thirty feet from the apron of the greens or tees. Carts must abide by the rules posted daily.
Members are reminded that power carts are not permitted to cross the fescue grasses (long, uncut rough) for in doing so you will inevitably scar the natural terrain for an entire golfing season. Carts are to be driven in a safe manner, slowly and in control particularly on hazardous slopes.
All members and guests must wear suitable golf attire at all times on the course and in, and around the clubhouse. Members are expected to dress tastefully in a manner appropriate to exclusively private golf clubs. These regulations apply to all Members, including junior and intermediate golfers.
Due to preparation time required by our kitchen, any cancellation for an event must be received more than 24 hours prior to the event. Unfortunately, any cancellations received with less than 24 hours notice, will be charged 50%.
The privilege to serve alcoholic beverages is granted by the Liquor Licensing Board of Ontario. Continuation of this privilege will be dependent upon observance of the rules and regulations applicable to licensees. Including among these is the obligation to refuse service of alcoholic beverages to minors and persons who “are or appear to be intoxicated”.
Enforcement of the regulations will therefore be essential to the preservation of this privilege. The staff will be instructed and authorized to implement this policy courteously and firmly. Any altercations will be reported and management will consider suspension of privileges.
Members are reminded that they are responsible for dress code regulations of their guests.
Failure to comply with the Dress Regulations can result in you and your guest(s) being asked to change into suitable attire or leave the Club premises and course. The Professional Staff and General Manager have the authority to enforce the Dress Regulations.
Members are responsible for all accounts and actions of their guests, including compliance with dress regulations and the conduct on the course, and the clubhouse premises. Members will also be responsible for the golfing competence of their guests so as not to cause undue delay to other golfers on the course.